Vieser Classic+ grating with adjustable steel frame 197×197 Ø32


Floor drain grating made of durable, Finnish stainless steel.
A timeless and elegant redesign.

Strong and pleasant underfoot – remains firmly in place
Manufactured in Finland
Compatible with all Vieser floor drains
Adjustable steel frame – easy to install

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The package includes the Vieser stainless steel Classic+ Ø32 square grating and adjustable steel frame. To facilitate the installation of the tiling, the frame can be adjusted by a maximum of 15 mm off-centre of the floor drain, for a total adjustment range of 30 mm.

Vieser’s drain and grating combination comes with a 10-year system guarantee.

Download a tiling example:

(PDF) Tiling example for Vieser round and square gratings

(DWG) Tiling example for Vieser round and square gratings

Vieser no.51294
MaterialStainless steel (AISI 304)
Packaging (box/pallet)20/480
Product dimensions197 x 197 x 5.7 mm
Package dimensions15 x 225 x 250 mm
Package weight0.6 kg